Monday, August 5, 2013

Pay Less to Go to the Airport in Oslo

Everyone knows the Flytoget and the flybussen. They are popular, offer good service but they are a bit expensive. Did you know you could travel to Oslo airport Gardermoen for cheaper?

There are effectively many local trains that run between Oslo S and Oslo airport. To see them, go to and simply enter the departure (Oslo S) and the destination (Gardermoen).

Just taking tomorrow (Tuesday 06/08/2013) as an example, I found tickets for 90 NOK (instead of 170 NOK for the flytoget). Departures: 17:34, 17:54, 18:34, 18:54, ... and the train takes 23 minutes to arrive to the airport.

Isn't it a nice deal? So, next time you travel from or to Gardermoen, make sure you check the local trains!

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