Monday, August 5, 2013

Pay Less to Go to the Airport in Oslo

Everyone knows the Flytoget and the flybussen. They are popular, offer good service but they are a bit expensive. Did you know you could travel to Oslo airport Gardermoen for cheaper?

There are effectively many local trains that run between Oslo S and Oslo airport. To see them, go to and simply enter the departure (Oslo S) and the destination (Gardermoen).

Just taking tomorrow (Tuesday 06/08/2013) as an example, I found tickets for 90 NOK (instead of 170 NOK for the flytoget). Departures: 17:34, 17:54, 18:34, 18:54, ... and the train takes 23 minutes to arrive to the airport.

Isn't it a nice deal? So, next time you travel from or to Gardermoen, make sure you check the local trains!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Hei Sveis": A Quite Cheap Hairdresser in Oslo

It is interesting how prices vary from area to area and even inside the same area. For example, Majorstuen is known to be a quite expensive area and yet, there is a quite cheap hairdresser there in the Sørkedalsveien street.

No official website that I know of, a quite common name (google gives a lot of results for "Hei Sveis" but none relevant), and no possibility to find it on Street View (must be pretty new).

The place itself was clean but the design was quite modest.

When I went there last week, I was positively surprised with it. The hairdresser was meticulous and quite skillful and he took good care of my hair. I would like to precise that I am a man so I have no idea how good the hairdresser would be with women's hair.

The prices: 300 for men, 350 for women (normal cut), 250 for children, etc... No idea if they do anything fancy like color etc...